2019 Calendar

January 29th               Monthly Meeting          Tuesday
February 9th                   Working Bee        Saturday
February 10th             Practice day            Sunday
February 26th           Monthly Meeting         Tuesday
March 9th               Kick start day        Saturday
March 26th                 Monthly Meeting                Tuesday
March 30th             Working Bee        Saturday
March 31st             Mx Round 1            Sunday
April 30th                        Monthly Meeting                  Tuesday
May 11th                        Working Bee        Saturday
May 12th                        Mx Round 2            Sunday
May 25/26th            John Armstrong riding school    Saturday & Sunday
May 28th                       Monthly Meeting        Tuesday
June 9th                         Working Bee             Saturday
June 10th                        Practice Day            Sunday
June 25th                       Monthly Meeting        Tuesday
July 20th                        Working Bee         Saturday
July 21st                        Mx Round 3             Sunday
July 30th               Monthly Meeting         Tuesday
August 17th                Working Bee        Saturday
August 18th                Mx Round 4            Sunday
August 27th               Monthly Meeting         Tuesday
September 14th         Working Bee         Saturday
September 15th         Mx Round 5             Sunday
September 24th         Monthly Meeting         Tuesday
October 19th              Working Bee        Saturday
October 20th              Mx Round 6            Sunday
October 29th           Monthly Meeting         Tuesday
November 16th & 17th       Christmas party and presentation
Saturday & Sunday

All dates are tentative and subject to change.
Interclub events may be planned and these dates may take place on an MX Round day.